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Education -------

2019 - 2023

BFA with distinction, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2017 - 2019 

BA in Art, Florida Gulf Coast University

Exhibitions -------

Creating a Home Space

April 3, 2023 - April 7, 2023

Mezzanine Gallery, 280 S. Columbus Dr

Curated by Max Whitehurst

BFA Show Senior Exhibition

April 7, 2023 - April 15, 2023

33 E. Washington St. Gallery

Advanced Ceramics Exhibition '22

November 28, 2022 - December 2, 2022

Mezzanine Gallery, 280 S. Columbus Dr

Grand Rising: On Feeling and Interbeing

November 14, 2022 - February 2023 

Wellness Center Gallery

Grand Rising: On Feeling and Interbeing addresses the impacts of trauma and honors the processes of coexistence and healing. People that have experienced trauma create ways to navigate and mend wounds every day. This exhibition holds space for empathy, care, and love as we discuss how we continue to show up for ourselves and each other.


Often used in place of the common greeting "good morning," Grand Rising celebrates the act of the body, mind, and spirit holistically rising after rest. Many cultures share a salutation with one another to commemorate surviving the night and embarking on the new day ahead, symbolizing a flow between stillness and triumph. With this exhibition, we declare Grand Rising to those that exist and evolve with their trauma through daily gestures, no matter how big or small.

The Third Dimension: Exploring Space

January 17 - February 7, 2019 ------ ArtLab Gallery

Curated by Patricia Fay and Mary Voytek

Sponsored by Gene and Lee Seidler

This exhibition showcased works from the Ceramics and Sculpture studios in the FGCU Arts Complex. Combining a variety of materials, techniques and concepts, art students working in the third dimension grapple with the physical and tactile properties of made objects while exploring the intangible relationship between form and space. Through figurative, abstract and functional projects, three-dimensional art offers an astonishing range of questions to ask and problems to solve.

Curatorial Work -------

Outdo Blue 

April - May 2022

This online exhibition was curated by five Chicago based artists to give an open opportunity for multidisciplinary artists to have their work exhibited. Using a color focused theme, blue, the exhibition gives space for artists of any discipline to showcase their work. Curated artworks included mediums such as neon sculptures, photography, paintings, ceramics, and cyanotype prints. Selected artists chose to reflect on various conceptual themes, including feelings of nostalgia, isolation, and loneliness

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